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Tips for Winterizing your Kart

Tips for Winterizing your Karts:


1. Drain all fuel from tank and lines. Before next race season replace all fuel lines with new and the pickup line in the tank if you have one.

2. Clean tires with Simple Green or other cleaner and wrap with plastic wrap tight or use plastic bags and tape on tight. Keep tires serviced with air.

3. Clean rear axle and coat with oil, grease, or chain lube to keep from rusting. Clean axle bearings and lube.

4. Frame clean frame and check for cracks while cleaning and tighten any loose hardware you find. You may want to check kingpin bearings and replace if needed.

5. Brakes – it is best to drain and put new brake fluid in the whole system and bleed the brakes. Spray the brake disk with light weight oil to keep from rusting. Clean the brake disk with carburetor cleaner or brake cleaner before you use the kart next time.

6. If your kart has a  battery start, remove wires to battery and clean terminals charge battery at least once a month. You want to do this with your external starter batteries and kart stand battery if it has one.

7. If you have a Mychron or data logger remove all batteries and cover Mychron. Install batteries when you are ready to go to the track next time. If you have a Beacon for your Mychron remove batteries in it for the off season.



1. Clean outside of engine.

2. Remove spark plug and pour 1/2 oz of Marvel Mystery Oil in plug hole turn over engine with starter/ pull start / or by hand for a short time and it is best to spray some Marvel Mystery Oil in the carburetor with the throttle wide open while turning the engine over. Reinstall spark plug.

3. It is best to remove the carburetor open side plates and drain fuel or remove float bowl and drain fuel spray inside of carburetor with Marvel Mystery Oil and reinstall side plates or float bowl and reinstall carburetor.

4. If the clutch is removed, coat crank shaft sticking out of engine case with grease or chain lube to keep from rusting. If clutch is installed spray clutch and shaft with some light weight oil.

5. Cover all openings of engine with tape, caps, or plastic bags. (intake holes, filter, exhaust pipe holes, end of muffler)

6. Clean chain and sprocket, inspect for damage replace if needed and oil chain.



1. Clean all Suits, gloves, shoes, neck brace, helmets and store in dry place.

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