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Registration Coordinator /
Scoring Registrar

Responsibilities & Duties

Responsibility 1 – As the registration coordinator, you are in charge of facilitating the occurrence of the race and the collaboration of racers and spectators by collecting fees for pit passes and registration fees. Once that process is completed, you will also be required to fill out a grid sheet placing the registered racers in drawn number order. These forms will be placed in the board at the end of the pits for the driver’s reference before heading to the tower.

Responsibility 2 – As the scoring registrar, you are responsible for keeping official score records. You will score the karts, as called, for each lap of the heats and the feature. After each heat, you will place the karts in finish line order on the scoring form, tally the numbers, and place them on a final grid sheet for the feature. At the start of intermission, these forms will be placed in the board at the end of the pits for the driver’s reference. After the end of the final feature race, you will surrender all SCORING paperwork to the Club President (Dwayne Sanders).

Responsibility 3 – At the end of the night, you will be responsible for passing all of the insurance and registration paperwork, as well as the cash box with all collected funds from the registration window as well as concession stand, to the Vice President (John Byrd) before leaving the kartway. YOU WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY FUNDS SAFEKEEPING OR DEPOSITS.

Essential Qualifications
• Dependable
- The ability to show up an hour + before EVERY scheduled race time and perform the required actions or tasks required by your position.
• Accountable
- The ability to be accountable for the responsibilities within your power, control, and management.
• Cordial
- The ability to be the face of the Club by presenting the best possible reception to all those whom come to the registration window by being courteous and gracious, friendly, and warm.

Please see Georgia Wilkerson @ the Registration Booth about this position!


Patin Construction



On the weekend of July 22nd, Patin Construction generously helped the Kartway repair the drainage ditch and main entrance to the track.




All karts are required to display 4 number panels. One mounted on the front, one on both sides, and one on the rear of the kart.
Number panels need to be large and easily viewed from the tower.
It is suggested that you use black numbers on white panels or white numbers on black panels with the numbers at least 5 inches tall.
Lack of proper decals is detrimental to the integrity of the race and will result in the kart not being scored.
(As of April 4th 2016, no more warnings will be given.)

We appreciate everyone’s attention to this matter!


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