Race Day Procedures

H.O.T. Kart Club
“The Pit Stop”, the H.O.T. Kartway’s concession stand, opens shortly before the races and serves a variety of delicious snack options and treats.

Race Day Procedures

Practice – The H.O.T. Kartway is open to members for practice at any time on race day up until 15 minutes prior to the scheduled race start.  Race day practice may be controlled at the discretion of the Race Director or other race official.  NOTEAt no time shall any other class be on the track with Kid Karts. Please alert the race director or another race official if you see this happening.

Registration – Once registration has been declared to be open, all drivers must register at the Registration Booth. At this same time, all pit crew, spectators, friends, family members, and/or anyone who wishes to remain in the pits must purchase a pit pass from the Registration Booth. Pit passes are $8.00 per person. Any minors receiving a pit pass will need to have a signed release form completed as well. (One minor release is good for the entirety of the current season.) You will receive a wrist band that must be worn at all times in the pits as this band signifies that your insurance fee (pit pass) has been paid. Anyone not wearing a pit pass armband will be politely asked to step outside the pit area or directed to the Registration Booth for a pit pass or more information.  Please be aware that RACE registration closes 15 minutes prior to scheduled race time.  Any participant who arrives late, changes classes, or registers after registration closes will be placed in last place in the first heat. Pit passes will be available at any time.

$8.00 for the required driver pit pass
$25.00 initial class entry fee
$20.00 for each additional entry

$8.00 for the required driver pit pass
$35.00 initial class entry fee
$30.00 for each additional entry

Driver’s Meeting – A drivers meeting will be held before each race 10 minutes before scheduled race time.  Attendance at the drivers meeting is mandatory for all drivers. All drivers and crew should be present to hear any and all pertinent information regarding race day.

Race Order – During the driver’s meeting, race order will be announced by class.  All racers should take care to know their classes place in this designated structure. This will allow all drivers to determine when they should expect to be lined up on the grid.   If you are racing two classes and the announced race plan poses a problem, please direct this concern to the Race Director or other official.

Grid Placement / Starting Line-up – During registration, each racer will have been asked to draw a chip from the bucket to determine their starting position for the first heat. Grid Placement sheets will be posted during the Driver’s Meeting at the end of the pits in the designated display.  All racers need to make themselves familiar with their place on the grid for that day!  Immediately following the driver’s meeting, drivers of the day’s first racing class will take their place on the grid.

Heats – Regardless of class, Heat 1 racers are placed on the grid in draw order.  Heat 1 consists of 8 laps. For the second heat, draw order will be reversed.  Heat 2 also consists of 8 laps.

Intermission – After both heats are completed for all racing classes, there will be a 15 minute intermission.  During this time, practice laps are allowed if so deemed by the Race Director or other race official.  Grid placement for the Feature will replace the previous grid placements for the Heat’s in the designated display at this time.  Feature placement is determined by your performance in both Heat’s. *NOTE* During intermission, spectators will be allowed into the pits, however, we ask that you promptly return to the spectator areas once the races are ready to resume.

Feature – Immediately following intermission, the Feature will take place.  Your finishes from each heat are combined to determine Feature order. The Feature is 12 laps. Members will be awarded Series Championship points based on their finished place in the Feature. Points for the season can be found on our website.